NCM Frequently Asked Questions from Customers in the Bike IndustryNCM Frequently Asked Questions from Customers in the Bike Industry

Do I need to “break-in” my batteries?

Yes, the batteries used in our eBikes will need to have a “break-in” cycle consisting of ~ three discharge/charge cycles before they will reach optimum performance. This involves three complete discharges and three complete recharges. After this initial “break-in” cycle the batteries will have maximum possible performance and less line voltage fluctuations under load.


How long does it take to charge a discharged battery?

 Depending on battery capacity and charger output, batteries will typically take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to charge. Li-Ion batteries take 70% of their charge in the first 1-2 hours.


How long will my batteries last before needing replacement?

 The average battery life depends on use and conditions. Even with proper care, rechargeable batteries do not last forever. Li-Ion batteries will last about 700+ cycles before losing significant capacity. A partial charge/discharge counts fractionally against those numbers; running the battery down halfway then recharging it completely uses up one half of a charge cycle.


What maintenance do eBikes need?

 eBikes can be ridden in pretty much the same conditions as a regular bike. They are fine in the rain or snow but shouldn’t be ridden underwater. The batteries should not be stored in extreme temperatures and if inactive, the batteries should be charged up (to top off their energy level) every 90 days


How important is Motor wattage?

 Motor wattage is only one part of the story. A well-engineered eBike balances motor power, battery specs, and user controls to give the rider a bike that is efficient and provides sufficient power for their needs.